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What are the surface processing techniques of stainless steel in 2013? What are the advantages

The melting point of mirror stainless steel is mainly related to each component and content, and has nothing to do with whether the surface is a mirror. The concept of "red" is vague. When the environment is not very bright at 400 degrees Celsius, various metals can be seen as "red". Therefore, it takes about 400 degrees to "burn the mirror stainless steel red".

With the improvement of the decoration level of the building decoration market, the scope of mirror stainless steel decoration is developing more and more! However, there are various processing and installation methods of mirror stainless steel, and some points that need to be paid attention to in the construction site will be popularized with everyone.

1. Pre-process before bending the plate

Mirror stainless steel decorative surface often has inconsistent reflectivity caused by surface undulations and affects its appearance. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Most people think that the material is too thin, but it is not because the pre-bending process has not been carried out. Caused. Bending plate processing is the hard and unplasticized tensile deformation of the stainless steel plate at the bending position. At present, any high-precision plate bending equipment on the market cannot 100% guarantee that the stress of the bending plate is absolutely concentrated at the sharp point of the knife edge, so that the plate is bent. The tensile deformation of the latter product near the bending extension line is inconsistent. The generated stress is unevenly distributed on the surface of the board, which will cause the phenomenon of wave undulation.

2. Knife edge treatment at the seam

In addition to the requirements of general door and window elevation, axis position, verticality, horizontality, etc., the construction of mirror stainless steel doors and windows is mainly in the construction of the joint. Usually, Party A will mainly pay attention to this joint during acceptance. The quality index requirements for the joints of the mirror stainless steel plate are:

(1) Keep consistent: the gap should be consistent on its extension line

(2) Tightness: The gap must be less than 0.5mm, so as to be invisible to the naked eye.



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